My First V-Log!! Sequoia’s Garden pt 1

Hope you guys enjoy…I’m not such a good speaker and it was a little disorganized…but yeah…lots of cool victory garden propaganda posters in between! Yay!

Let me know what you think… :-P

11 Responses to “My First V-Log!! Sequoia’s Garden pt 1”

  1. Hey thats really cool. I like your video blog and its very interesting to see this side of you. Keep up the excellent work. You will get there !!!!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed.
    Anyways….You’re so cute.
    How did you get so wise beyond your years? I marvel at the topics you are so passionate about. I think it’s wonderful.
    Keep up the good work.
    I appreciate you sharing yourself, how refreshing.

  3. “Cheeseville, Wisconsin, with tundra out their door.” Hahahaha… I love it!

    That “v-log” was an excellent start. I’d love to see you do more like it. You might want to work on the audio a bit as it was often hard to hear you (and then the music was loud after I had turned up the volume). If you’re going to make a habit of these, a little clip-on microphone might be a worthwhile investment. They sell them at Radio Shack, I think.

    Another good natural fertilizer is fresh urine. Plants need nitrogen, but most plants can’t absorb it from the air. They need it in another form, such as ammonia, which is plentiful in urine.

    My girlfriend uses fabric pads rather than disposable pads or tampons. She’s also a gardener. She’s never used her period blood as fertilizer, but she told me I’m “welcome to try” if I like. Heh…

  4. thanks for the mic tip, mike. i just purchased a mic for both cam and for other video purposes. its kind of clumsy and big though, but at least people will be able to hear me…lol

  5. totally cute. i like it. you’re such a nerd. next time film the hiccups you get after you drink that beer.

  6. Great Job Hun, keep up the awesome work. I loved the first part and the posters inbetween was a great touch. Your Vicktory Garden can be on to Obama Winning. He carried your state.

  7. There’s something about a lady who giggles. Don’t stop with this video keep going. You definitely have potential. Practice will help you to improve your delivery. All of us had to start somewhere and you’re off to a great beginning.

  8. That was good! you’ve got a nice personality. I’d love to grow some of my own food but I have a completely wild garden so I feel it’s a bit of shame to dig up any part of it to grow food when all the other gardens are cultivated or full of concrete or coverd on stone chippings, so around here my garden is valuable cover for wild things. Anyway that was a good video, like the posters.

  9. P.S.

    BTW this my view of hookers/ whores / people who give pleasure,

  10. ^ ha ha posted in the wrong thread :) I’ll try again.

  11. irresistibly beautiful! wow. that was very cool to see the three dimensional sequoia after reading words and seeing pictures. keep em coming!

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