The Groovy Styles of My Bush




Straight (ish?)…ok…Kinky!


Wet (mmm)


Mohawk! Pube-Hawk?


Mah Fro

This is what happens when you leave a girl alone with her camera…

19 Responses to “The Groovy Styles of My Bush”

  1. mmmmm is right when wet. just gorgeous :)

  2. Edwin Antonio Says:

    I love it!

  3. Love the beautiful pubes. A real turn on to see a natural woman. It almost looks like you have different hair styles going on there hehe. Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Just discovered your site tonight…and….my goodness, could there be a better post to read for my first visit? No way. Your bush styles are fabulous.

  5. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    *chuckle* A very groovy bush indeed! That’s one of the great things about keeping it unshaven, I feel :)

    xx Dee

  6. happyhippo Says:

    Damn, I just love this page, glad I found it, greetings from Norway.

  7. You shoud try the braids!

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  9. timmyJL Says:

    After seeing this I think I should now start blogging on this sort of beauty.


  10. So wonderful … a million times better than the hideous pedophilic Bald Eagle look, or the ludicrous Landing Strip.

  11. Great! More women should be proud of their bush…(bushes?) all their variations. Endless fascination! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! thanks. made my day.

  12. Fucken awesome! It’s an honour to be witness to your full bush. Thanx for sharing the goodness.

    G’day from Australia

  13. Matthew CLAY Says:

    What a pity, such delicious labias hidden behing soooooooo (too) much bush.


  14. sequoiaredd Says:

    “Matthew CLAY”

    There are billions of shaved women out there. If you want to see someone who fits in the average/conventional/typical box I am not your girl.

  15. Damn right. I love that you’re anything but typical. Keep it bushy, beautiful :)

  16. how the fuck is this still one of the top posts?

  17. I don’t know, but I’m growing out my bush because of these pictures!! I love it!!

  18. In one pic (the Pube-Hawk), your bush seems to have a mullet, which in this context isn’t so bad.

  19. THANK YOU!

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