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Read Any Good Books Lately?

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good, you can recommend them to me here!!!

Looking for Land

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I hear there used to be a banyan tree on this island

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me and the iguana, originally uploaded by Sequoia Redd.

The tree had lots of monkeys living in it. Then Wilma the Hurricane came and blew it all down. Now the island is ruled by giant iguanas that poop all over the bridge so that no human dare pass. But poop doesn’t scare me. One tried to chase me away today.

So I took a picture with him:

Me and the King of the Island

Then I took a picture of him:


Don’t you just love the hideous prehistoric beauty of iguanas?

Sarah Palin’s Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues

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Joy Harjo’s Poetic Adventures in the Last World Blog:

Sarah Palin’s Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues

1. Palin has attacked Alaska Native Subsistence Fishing

Perhaps no issue is of greater importance to Alaska Native peoples as the right to hunt
and fish according to ancient customary and traditional practices, and to carry on the subsistence
way of life for future generations.

Governor Sarah Palin has consistently opposed those rights.

Once in office, Governor Palin decided to continue litigation that seeks to overturn every
subsistence fishing determination the federal government has ever made in Alaska. (State of
Alaska v. Norton, 3:05-cv-0158-HRH (D. Ak).) In pressing this case, Palin decided against
using the Attorney General (which usually handles State litigation) and instead continued
contracting with Senator Ted Stevens’ brother-in-law’s law firm (Birch, Horton, Bittner &
Cherot)…read more

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Masturbation Impossible homepage temporarily down

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to say that the age verification page for is down right now because I tried to upload a selfhosted wordpress blog there and screwed something up along the way. The rest of the site is working just not the main page, so bear with me. If you’re looking for the trailer its still over here

-Sequoia x

ps. Anyone with experience adding a blog to an already existing website and exporting a blog to your own server feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

New Moon Treasure Map and My Dream Living Situation

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Happy New Moon/Dark Moon everybody.

As new moon begins to take shape and starts waxing, now is a good time to focus and meditate upon the elements that you’d like to draw into your life. These next couple days I’m going to be working on what I call a treasure map. A treasure map is a term I use for poster boards I make where I paste my photography, magazine pictures and relevant words that correspond with what I’m trying to manifest in my life at the time.

I’ve made a lot of treasure maps in the past, its a form of magick that works really well for me as does journaling magick (when I have the discipline to keep up with it). I made my first treasure map when I was 14 (way before the Secret and What the Bleep frenzy) about going to school in Scotland. Everyday I looked at that poster and thought about how much I wanted it. I did go to school there, for a year, it was awesome, still one of the best and most influential years of my life. The next one I made when I was 17, it was about traveling, I put the word Nomad at the top and pasted a bunch of pictures about traveling all over the poster and nomadic animals like birds and sea turtles, one was of Australia actually. The next few years I traveled in three different states and to Australia. Now whether you believe in manifesting your own destiny or not, its still a good meditative exercise to stay focused on what positive elements you’re trying to bring into your life.

This time I’m working on what is essentially my ideal living situation. Right now my boyfriend and I are living in a nudist colony. This is closer to where we want to be in the social openness and comfort level of the natural naked body. So far its been a huge step forward.

Consider this blog a sort of virtual treasure map.

Now I want mountains, beautiful women and men that are open minded when it comes to sex, polyamory and sex work and an ecovillage thats self sustainable with a huge organic garden and ducks and chickens and goats.

solar panel at Moora MooraWhen I was WWOOFing at the Moora Moora community in Australia I loved the location and the fact that it was completely run off of solar panels. At Moora Moora they employed a great many environmental practices such as composting, strawbale insulation, organic farming, solar power, and rainwater collection. It was a great location as far as landscape goes to, 600 acres on a moutaintop which gave them the access to the sun whilst also providing a temperate climate. All of the houses were owner built which gave each house a very unique look. This was my favorite and is my dreeaaaaam house!

Karingal, Moora Moora Community

I love the fact that its round instead of square. The inside was beautiful and open with a loft where they slept.

Karingal, Moor Moora Community

Anyways, this is the kind of house and overall environment I want to live in.

I think that my boyfriend and I have a lot to offer when it comes to intentional communities and alternative living. He has been a  Native American/Celtic shaman for over forty years and specializes in geomancy (which is like feng shui for the Earth) and programming sacred structures, check out some of his geomancy work here.

I think my work in the sex industry and especially dancing has given me alot of insight into the way people work, especially in dancing you’re seeing some people at their most vulnerable time and its your job to hold their hand while they explore themselves in a way that they usually may never get a chance to.

I would like to live in a place that could be an ecofriendly sex/naturist retreat. Imagine a retreat where people go to shed the layers of programming about their body and sexuality in general while learning how to better care for their health and the environment through organics and sustainable living? Imagine a place that brought back the concept of the sacred harlot and sexual surrogate in its truest form, not the misogynistic/patriarchal version we receive today.

Thats what I want.

Tonight I’ll be working on making my physical treasure map and will post pictures for all to see.

Peace, Love & Pussy,


Why I Do What I Do

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Recently I took on a “normal” job at Pizza Fusion, an up and coming eco-friendly and environmentally friendly pizza place. I took the job because it was near by, I could bike there and I do like the security of a regular paycheck, which is what a normal job will give you.

However,its normal jobs like these that have that have me running back to sex work as fast as I can. The pay sucks, the people suck and is it just me or does it seem like the less you get paid for a job the more you have to fight for that same pittance?

Although I love the food (its hard to mess up organics) and the overall theme and concept of the place, the work SUCKED! The owner was stingy and spoiled and one of those people of whom you could tell hasn’t been through any hard times. The manager ( a pig in Chinese astrology) was a complete shit talker about what we were doing and what I would make. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’m used to living organics and environmentalism first hand instead of just working as a grunt for a green-washed corporation that claims to do so.

I think a lot of people have a big misconception about women in the sex industry that they work here because they aren’t capable of anything else. Although this may be the case with some, the truth is it pays well, its fun and it gives you a sense of self awareness like no other work I’ve ever engaged in. On a daily basis I am aware of where I’m at physically, emotionally and sexually.

Stripping gifted me with the opportunity to express myself through dance everyday while getting paid and the practice of talking (and then seducing) complete strangers; porn took me to Australia (twice) and introduced me to one of the most amazing circles of women I’ve ever met. There are many other things I’ve gained, but I’ll save that for another post.

Dear Goddess

I want to be able to work in this industry for as long as I can. I want to keep exposing people to sexuality whether thats through writing, erotic photos or lap dances. I want to always feel the fire and radiance of my root chakra. I want to commune with other women so that we can share our secrets, learnings and sex magick spells. When I grow old I want to be the cougar seducing and luring young bucks into her bedroom to teach them the ancient wisdom of a woman’s body.

Sex makes me feel alive in a core kind of way. I always want to feel like this.

Love, Sequoia

New Moon in Libra tomorrow, may this bring a month of balance and mental clarity.

ps. I wrote this post much more elegantly a few mins ago and somehow it disappeared so I had to rewrite the whole thing again off the top of my head. Sorry if it sounds a bit scattered, I swear it flowed better the first time ;-)

My First Week Living in a Nudist Colony

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A week has already gone by since I’ve moved here.

Here are some important facts:

Nudists do everything naked and I mean EVERYTHING!

Nudists love volleyball (who knows why) at least here they play it in a pool.

You’re not allowed to point and laugh (says so in the official rules).

These people LOVE karaoke! You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a 70 year old naked French Canadian man singing a rousing version of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York.

This particular camp has been around for thirty years.

Back in the day this used to be the official site for the Florida Pagan Gathering (take that you poser pagan prudes!)

I promise to post more facts and pictures too. They’ve been a bit hard to take lately because although they are nudists, they like their privacy, go figure.

Broadcasting Live from …

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Watch me broadcasting live at from my new place…

Well, I Finally Moved

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To a nudist colony!

Not back to North Carolina or very far away from where I was living, but socially its a giant improvement.

I’m still adjusting the new place and being able to walk around naked all the time, but its definitely a cool community of people.

The property is on 10 acres and everyone either lives in little cottages or in RV’s or trailers. We’re staying in a little cottage until the snowbirds come down and then we’ll move to another spot. Now I really want a VW camper van!

There’s something about communal life that I love. I’ve always wanted to live in a commune and one day when I have enough money to purchase my own land, thats exactly what I would like to do.

When I was in Australia, I WWOOFed at a couple of intentional eco-communities. One collected all of their water from rain and the other was completely off the grid and used solar power. They both used strawbale insulation as their main building technique and had huge organic gardens. I kept a blog/journal on myspace when I was over there about my adventures. Read some of my favorite entries here and Here

Anyways, I will post photos of the place soon and will be broadcasting on Flirt4Free alot more since I have a prettier place to do it from.