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Bedroom Boredom…

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I know I’ve been a bad blogger. I’m trying to find paying work, hit the gym a few times a day and finish a Carlos Castaneda book. Bad excuses…but here are some pics to make up for it…

Why I Want to Move Back to North Carolina

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Hi Guys,

Thanks so much to those of you who have been quite generous towards my ChipIn moving fund.

There are a few reasons why I am so intent on moving back to North Carolina.

Poplars in North Carolina

I have this intense longing lately to be close to nature and this feeling that I can only say feels a bit like anxiety to be engaging in something progressive and eco-active. I want to be around people that feel the same way.

Scenery and backdrop is another large reason. I think North Carolina and Appalachia in general has a completely different landscape than what is featured in most porn. I’d like to use this backdrop because I think it offers a completely different view of the U.S. altogether than what is normally portrayed in porn, (ie. South Beach, LA or New York).

All of those places are great, but I think that in erotica we have an unbalanced view of American sexuality because pornography is mostly shot in those places. I think there is also a lack of pornography shot in the country displaying rural American culture.

I’d like to shoot pornography in Appalachia also because of the interesting culture there. About 15 years ago there was an influx of progressive thinking people that moved to that area and today there is an interesting blend now of cultures between the traditional Appalachian mountain culture and the hippies there.

On my site I’d like to make a combination of all of these factors: eco activism, nature, traditional American culture, progressive pornography and shoot it against the backdrop of the Appalachian mountains.

They also have a large population of cute, hippie lesbians. So of course thats another motivating factor.

My 21st birthday is on Saturday and although I may post a hopeful wish list, the best gift of all would be having the funds to be able to move and start fulfilling my goals of living in kin with the earth and making pretty porn.

If 234 people were to donate 20$, I’d have what I need to get back there. I’d also send you a special gift in return.

20$ = DVD with 2 of my my mainstream scenes

30$ = 10 minute cyber date via my webcam

45$= my used panties (mmmm)

50$ = the first ten who donate 50$ get a free liftetime membership to my upcoming website (there is only six places left for this)

75$= first 5 guys to donate $75 get a 10 min cyber date & free lifetime membership to my site

100$ = customized DVD just for you (watch me cum & scream your name)

120$= customized dvd & panties

150$ = 15 min cyber date, panties & DVD

Thanks again guys!

Peace, Love & Pussy,

Sequoia Redd