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Its a Nude World…

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More vintage naturist ladies from this camp back in the 60’s-70’s.

These photos and the previous ones were pages I scanned from old nudist brochures for the camp that I live in and brochures that promote the naturist movement in general. Enjoy…


my what a fro


everybody loves a red head with soft nipples…

missnudepageant10(some boys for Davka…hehe)



this last lady is my favorite, she is gorgeous and jeeeze what a smile!

My Little Weekend Project (a few weekends ago…)

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A couple weeks ago I received a very interesting custom DVD request from someone who found my site from my Clips4Sale store (which has only one clip right now, haha).

This certain individual has a dirty panty fetish, which I love to cater to because I have to admit I have somewhat of a fascination with my own smell…

Anyways, he sent me three pairs of white thongs which he wanted me to consecrate with my Goddess juices and cum, seal up with a handi-vac sealer to retain the freshness and express mail them to him along with a DVD of a few very detailed solo scenes he wanted me to perform.

He even sent me the toys he wanted me to perform with in the scenes, which has added to my toy collection immensely.

For his second DVD we did an old fashioned trade. He purchased my new webcam for me and I traded him two 15 minute scenes which includes one pair of dirty panties…this time a black thong.

I like doing custom orders like this because its a great way to learn about new kinks and fetishes right from the source and being able to experience them yourself, rather than just reading an article about it.

So, if anyone would like a custom DVD of something that is sexy unique or just a little kinky, feel free to shoot an email over to sequoia [at] with a very detailed description on what you’d like to see. Depending on content I usually charge $100 plus shipping per 10-15 minute scene. Once I receive payment I usually have the DVD done within a few days.

SDC - “Swinger’s Dating Community”

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So, after a few craigslist ads to try and find other couples and people that were into a more polyamorous lifestyle, we were turned onto another online adult community called SDC and boy has that been interesting.

It seems that most of the people that belong to this are +40, have kids and mortgages and this is their little naughty thing to do on the weekend. Now, I understand everyone has their jobs and families and no not everyone is a full out of the closet, so to speak, when it comes to their sexuality.

But whats really amazing is the responses I’ve gotten to blogs I’ve been writing over there. I hate to chalk it up to this, but it seems like no matter what it always comes down to age. For some reason, older women and men (that I don’t want to fuck) get offended when I am or any other young, sexy chicks are around and/or have opinions about something.

One blog I wrote was about a single male that we had contacted to meet up with for an M/M/F threesome who ended up standing us up without a phone call or any explanation at all. I posted a blog with his screen name and asking if this was a regular thing with single guys and the responses I got back were incredible. Some people were complaining that I was whining, some people were saying there was something wrong with me.

Then we met up with a really polite, lovely guy with whom we had a really nice experience and I wrote a blog on that over at and still a bunch of people wrote in complaining about what I had written and how it was all about me and saying that for a “porn star” how unexperienced I was.

I’m really turned off by the website, if it wasn’t the only source that we could find for write now about likeminded couples, I would cancel our account because my general impression of the “swinger’s” crowd is that of insecure, yet ego driven people that look for any excuse to slam someone else.

Feedback is welcome in the comments…

The Best Bathtub

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Another weekend is here again. We go to the nude beach in Miami every weekend. And although I am grateful for that time spent, I miss being oceanside everyday.

When we lived closer to the beach, I’d ride my bike there every morning and run South while the sun was coming up. It was awesome to see the Atlantic everyday, like visiting a friend.

Sometimes she was in a bright and cheerful mood; the water perfectly still like the best bathtub the Goddess ever made and little fishes would come and nibble on your toes or glide against your body, playing with you.

Sometimes she was in a dark and stormy mood and made it rainy and windy. Swimming in the rain is intense, especially if there’s a strong current, its like you’re right there in the middle of it all, Mother Nature’s chaotic PMS trip.

I’m spirit tired. I’m craving nature in a way you wouldn’t believe.

I need to be rejuvenated by her motherly embrace. Not just for a weekend, or short stay, but a while.

I need connections with real people. I need sisters.

I need prosperity in the economic and spiritual sense.

Thank you for all of the lovely advice for writer’s block.

I love the audience I have here. You guys really have awesome timing, sometimes I’ll be having a really bad day and get the best email or myspace message about how someone likes my pictures or blog and it inspires them to take pictures or be more open sexually. Seriously, thanks.

Candle_Magick continued…

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my pussy is going to eat the flame

Hello again, more candle_magick as promised.

Yesterday I did my last free shoot. No more. The photographer kept trying to feel me up in an effort to “direct” me. Lame. I’m sick of the bullshit sometimes that goes along with this. Guys have this mentality that just because you had sex on camera means that you’ll have sex with anyone at any time and that a free feel up is ok because you did porn anyways.


There was this one time when I was a dancer and I was having a bad day at work (imagine that?). Every asshole and his cousin could not figure out what the word NO meant. Yes, I know its expected, once you have a cock for some reason in this society, automatically makes you a dickhead. Anyways, I’m giving this one guy a lap dance and he keeps reaching for my crotch. I politely move his hand away, he does it again, I backhanded the motherfucker and I was wearing a huge ring at the time which hit him in the eye. Haha. Beware, I may look cute and peaceful, but I do resort to physical violence when pushed. I ended the lapdance and made him pay for both songs. In your face, biatch!

Candle Magick…

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Hi there,

Not much going on in the world of me lately. I’ve been hitting the gym alot, nude beach on the weekends, reading some Castendada and working on my prosperity magick. Also in the works: I am attempting collaboration with a local photographer to finally start my own site. Although I am not where I want to be in life right now in a lot of ways, physically, mentally and locally; sometimes you just have to buckle down and start projects when it isn’t the perfect time. So keep a look out for that.

Also, here are the results of my first attempt at the candle light ISM style shoot I was asking you guys about. ISM did write back and they want me to focus on the underwater stuff the most, so once I’ve completed that and submitted it, I will share the love.

they did turn out a bit blurry, but I love the warmth in the pictures and the shadows were fun to play with as well. so i’ve learned two things for next time: more candles, tea lights suck and so does trying to get wax out of carpet…

my furry muff

I think this one ^ was my fave…

Is that a cum fuck me look?

shadow play

another favorite, I love this view of my pussy

What do you guys think? There are more to cum…

Happy International Orgasm Day

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here are the results of my celebrations…