The Origin of My Stage Name

When choosing a stage name for porn, I wanted something that sounded strong.

I had taken other names before, Rowan when I was 16 after the Scottish tree and then the name Lilith, after Adam’s first wife, when I was 19.

Although some people may find taking on other names strange, many cultures honor this practice as an evolution in life phases and the name you take on represents where you are in that present moment.

I chose Sequoia because I liked the sound. Its a strong, feminine sound. Its also the name of the man who invented the written form of the Cherokee language and the name of a beautiful tree that grows out west. In fact, the tallest tree in the world.

I chose the second name Redd because its one of my favorite colours, its the colour for passion, for blood and therefore life. I spelled it with two d’s because of its numerological significance.

Numerologically Sequoia Redd equals the number eight, which is a power number for business.

When I was in mainstream porn, I got alot of shit for my name, its hard for some people to pronounce and alot of guys prefer the Stacy’s, Ashley’s and Barbies…oh well…

3 Responses to “The Origin of My Stage Name”

  1. Simon Allen Says:

    From when I first encountered your name on ISM, I thought it sounds natural. I can imagine a child being called Sequoia.

    It’s a great name and who cares about the mainstream anyway?!

  2. Michael Says:

    the ones that prefer the Stacy’s, Ashley’s and Barbies…maybe they just aren’t smart enough to pronounce Sequoia :P

  3. beaujest Says:

    also known as the redwood tree, tallest and some of the oldest trees on earth. large enough to drive a car through litterally. he great name not your fault most men only think with the little brain….lol…

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