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Where the water meets the sky…Everglades National Park

Posted in 11132423, Adventures with tags Everglades. alligators, qi gong, Sequoia Redd, sunsets on September 15, 2008 by sequoiaredd

where the water meets the sky

Last night I dreamt of dark alligators and pink sunsets and then this morning, a friend we call NakedLaurie invited me to come with her down to Coral Castle and then to Everglades National Park to watch the sunset and full moon rise.

I saw an alligator:


Lots of them.

NakedLaurie doing Qi Gong

Laurie did her Qi Gong

sunset at the everglades

And we watched the sunset.

moonrise on the drive home

And the moonrise.

Coral Castle was also very cool. Ever wonder how a 5′0 100 pound man could move 6,000 pounds of coral rock, enough to make a small fortress? Stay tuned for my next post…naughty pics included…