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Its a Nude World…

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More vintage naturist ladies from this camp back in the 60’s-70’s.

These photos and the previous ones were pages I scanned from old nudist brochures for the camp that I live in and brochures that promote the naturist movement in general. Enjoy…


my what a fro


everybody loves a red head with soft nipples…

missnudepageant10(some boys for Davka…hehe)



this last lady is my favorite, she is gorgeous and jeeeze what a smile!

Just Cuz

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In honor of the park (read previous post), these photos were taken over a year ago and they’re actually they’re the pictures I submitted to to see if I could model for them. Enjoy…

(I was shaved because I was a dancer at the time)


my favorite pic ^

At Hugh Taylor Birch State Park


Classic pose, I love that tree ^
Me at the Park

piece of hair stuck to my forehead, grrrr


my butt

E-c-o-r-o-t-i-c-a: #1 Offshore Drilling is NOT the Answer

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Its pretty simple: if we let the government drill off the coast of Florida, there will be no more sexy beach day pics because there will be no sexy beach to be able to take them at.

Offshore drilling is not the answer to America’s high gas prices. The reason the gas prices are high is simple: price gouging and greedy big oil. Even the King of Saudi Arabia is cited stating one of the many factors causing the high prices is the falling of the American dollar as well as “speculators who play the market out of selfish interests”.

Offshore drilling is not a quick solution,

“if the bans were lifted tomorrow, it would be at least seven years — and likely as long as a decade — before the first oil began to flow off the coasts of Florida, California and the eastern seaboard.” -Wall Street Journal

A recent radio broadcast revealed that 64% of Americans were supportive of offshore drilling.

This is utterly frustrating that Americans are falling for the same old government propaganda, and would actually buy this bullshit that offshore drilling is the answer to gas prices.

What we really need is to cut our dependency on oil altogether, we’ve known, as a country that oil dependency is a problem for THIRTY YEARS! This is not a new issue.

Don’t be supportive of ruining the only cool thing Florida has to offer: its beaches. Has anybody thought what would happen to these oil rigs if a hurricane strikes?

Buy a bicycle. Look into converting to biodiesel (vegetable oil), get solar panels (they make them for Ipods & cellphones now).

But most of all get off your ass and do something positive.

Warm & Fuzzy

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Sexy Beach Day Pics…

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Should I get in? Should I get wet?

Boobies&Bubbles Bubbles!

Bubbles More bubbles!