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Peek a Pube!

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Yeah, bitches! Thats right! I’m finally 21!

Tonight my High Priest and I are checking out a polyamorous drum circle.

Wish me luck!

Send presents here: 13762 W. SR. 84 Suite 462
Davie, FL 33325

I want a VW micro bus thats been converted to bio-diesel and a fire poi set.

Or (even better!) contribute to my chipin fund to help me move back to NC:

Peek a pube! Some douche bag in one of those beach raker machines actually stopped to tell me that he could see my pubic hair. Like I really give a fuck.

Cumming in a suburban neighborhood near you…

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My First Girl/Girl Scene; The Sex Therapist

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(^back when I was bald^)

My first girl/girl scene was shot on Thursday January 11, 2007 it was for the site I was cast as a sex therapist that was counseling a couple about their dwindling sex life. I worked with Xana Star and her husband Dax.

I was really nervous, as it was my first scene actually performing with other people (up until that point I had only done masturbation scenes) and this one was with a girl, which made me even more nervous.

My agent, Eli drove me down to the BangBros “headquarters” in South Beach. I sat in the BangBros waiting room for what seemed like an eternity where they had Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas playing (I’d soon find out that this move was on a continuous play loop in the Bang Bros. waiting room…).

Finally they took me into another room where my hair and makeup was done. I happened to see the model that was with me on my first shoot, she was scheduled for another boy/girl scene, but she had started her period. Bang Bros. offered her the sponge treatment, but she kindly declined.

The Bang Bros. dressing room was insane, numerous racks of brand new clothes, shoes and other accessories lined the walls while six or seven women of all ages stood around in various stages of undress. For each of us came a little piece of paper containing information regarding our scene and how to dress us accordingly. Of course, things always are up in the air at the Bang Bros. office and anything, anything is always subject to change either due to a whim on behalf of the “director” or the wavering limitations of the performers.

They dressed me in a burgundy corset, a tight mid length skirt and some of the most ridiculous pointy high heels I’ve ever worn. One of the dressing room ladies painted me up in probably the most makeup I have ever worn (apart from my initial porn-folio shoot). I looked in the mirror and became even more nervous, I felt like I looked like a drag queen.

I first saw Xana in the dressing room, she insisted on doing her own makeup, I had any idea how to paint my face I probably would have opted for the same. She struck me as headstrong, independent and as a woman that likes to be in control.

We shot the scene in an anonymous hotel room somewhere in downtown Miami to which we were transported in one of BangBros’ many oversized, black SUV’s.

A major construction site was in action next door, but the background noises didn’t seem to be a problem. There was only two other people with us, the “director”/videographer and the shoot manager/photographer.

Everyone sat down and ate lunch first, the “crew” set up the lights and planned the “scene”.

We started filming the scene with the stills being shot in between the takes. I fumbled through the striptease and in my lines, then came the sex. That part wasn’t as hard but I couldn’t decide whether I was supposed to really be going down on her, or just make it look like it and I couldn’t tell if she was faking it or not. I should have just been focused on the task at hand, which was performing, but my mind was all over the place.

After we went down on eachother, Xana & Dax started fucking and I got to sit in a chair and watch while playing with myself. The director told me I didn’t have to cum for real, but I decided to go for it anyways…lol

At the end of the shoot we all piled back into the SUV, I managed to trip in the ridiculous heels attempting to climb into the back of the SUV (it was bound to happen anyways) and we headed back to BB Headquarters.

The office was practically closed by the time we got there, the shoot had been an all day affair, even though the actual content was less than an hour in the making. I was paid $700 for my “work”, more than what my next scene would be: my first boy/girl.

And that was how my first girl/girl scene went down.

Boots, Banyans and My Naked Booty

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I Make a Great Canvas…

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At a farmer’s market in Australia. I was volunteering on an organic farm/intentional community called the Commonground Cooperative

Confest/the Down to Earth Festival New Years ‘08 woohoo!


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So, in case you haven’t noticed, I was featured on FleshBot today:

Anyways, I’ve noticed my blog has been getting ginormous hits on it, but no one is writing me comments or anything. So please, feedback is appreciated! I like to know who is looking at my stuff!

Sexy Beach Day Pics…

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Should I get in? Should I get wet?

Boobies&Bubbles Bubbles!

Bubbles More bubbles!

First Attempt at Underwater Photography…

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I got an underwater case for my Canon SD900 and I was really anxious to test it out…these are a few of the first attempts…

Theres more to come with better focus, framing and content…stay tuned, peeps

Mermaid’s Clam

The Mermaid\'s Furry Clam

Booby Reflection Booby Reflection

See the little fishy?

Another fishy