If you’d like to read a summary of my beliefs on women, porn and sexuality in general, read this post.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Some other facts of interest:

I am a dork.

My favorite color is green and sometimes red.
I love chocolate and red wine.

I am biosexual.

I keep my contacts in for far too long.
I like eating with my hands and licking my fingers.
I take showers when I can.
I like doodling. Especially on skin.
I like in depth conversations about fuck all with people I just meet.
I like watching ants & charming the honeybees.

I have a photo taking obsession.

I believe I’m the only person who can take good photos of myself. And I do. Alot.

Some of the goals I would like to achieve before I die are
to see the Aurora Borealis in person,
shag Angelina Jolie,
learn to twirl fire,
masturbate at church,
start a sex cult,

jump off the Witch’s Waterfall in Dollar, Scotland,
go on a bicycle road trip
and invent my own recreational drug.
Not in order of priority of course.

You may know me from these places: (’Sequoia’) (’Sequoia’) (#0936) watch the trailer, I’m in it!

And a few other random gonzo scenes or as a dancer at Pure Platinum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

ps. I’m not Latina!

18 Responses to “Bio”

  1. I am speechless seeing you on F4F

  2. Loved your article on Abby Winters. I agreed with everything you had to say about the difference between enjoyable positive jack-off material and the sex industry’s exploitive offerings. I used to really enjoy looking at the beautiful girls from eastern Europe until it dawned on my primitive male brain that most of these women were being exploited and drugged up - not the most stimulating thing to masturbate to. Thanks for your positive attitude and great bush!

  3. Interloper Says:

    Hi Sequoia

    Your posts here are very interesting. It’s great to actually hear from a person without worrying if the reporter quoted her out of context/edited the article according to her agenda etc.

    Keep writing! And happy birthday!

    If you are wondering about a sudden increase in traffic to your site, it got posted here -

  4. Ten Red O's Says:

    You’re cute.
    I also love doodling on skin. On my hands and arms.
    And nature (but not quite as much as you).
    But i love being naked outside. Sometimes i run around outside at night near my house(we have fields at the back).

  5. Winfield88 Says:

    So, what about the witch/heathen part? Showing off your ass is one thing, saying your witch is another!


  6. sequoiaredd Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m working on a post about my spiritual beliefs.

    The banner was a conglomerate of labels I’ve been called.

  7. Gocce di piacere Says:

    [...]  Il suo nome d’arte è Sequoia Redd ed è una giovane donna che ama il sesso e in particolare la masturbazione. Non è una [...]

  8. Tony Stark Says:

    Sequoia. I’m in Florida too, originally from N.C. ….what part of N.C. were you trying to get back to?

  9. hi, saw your video for amateur district. very nice

  10. sequoiaredd Says:

    actually the amateur district video sucked. Try and search for Sequoia

  11. Sequoia… what to say? I love you and hope that we can squirt on each other some day soon ;) xxx

  12. outstanding … your contri to ifeelmyself was absolutely stunning … thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. thank you eio, i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Hi! Nice shots. I like the way the pictures are composed against nature. Have you thought about posing for some of those professional erotic/sensual photographers? Porn doesn’t seem to do justice to your beauty.

    One thing though, hope your just joking about masturbating in church. It not that I’m a religious fanatic for something. It just a matter of giving respect, the same respect we should be giving to mother nature.

    One more thing, keep those poems going.

  15. Christian Churches have zero respect when it comes to femininity. I have zero respect for them.

  16. Jason aka Dreammaker Says:

    Well I found you here. Glad you pointed out the link. Frans or Lux may end up taking it down… You know AW does have a “watch dog” community… Thanks for pointing me here! I am more of a fan now.

    Tuscaloosa AL

  17. Such an attractive and engaging blog. I’m glad I found it.

  18. British Hippy Says:

    I saw you on the Brandi Belle Penis Pump video, had to find out if there was more of you on the internet. Those were two lucky guys. Your a goddess.

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