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Its a Nude World…

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More vintage naturist ladies from this camp back in the 60’s-70’s.

These photos and the previous ones were pages I scanned from old nudist brochures for the camp that I live in and brochures that promote the naturist movement in general. Enjoy…


my what a fro


everybody loves a red head with soft nipples…

missnudepageant10(some boys for Davka…hehe)



this last lady is my favorite, she is gorgeous and jeeeze what a smile!

My Little Weekend Project (a few weekends ago…)

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A couple weeks ago I received a very interesting custom DVD request from someone who found my site from my Clips4Sale store (which has only one clip right now, haha).

This certain individual has a dirty panty fetish, which I love to cater to because I have to admit I have somewhat of a fascination with my own smell…

Anyways, he sent me three pairs of white thongs which he wanted me to consecrate with my Goddess juices and cum, seal up with a handi-vac sealer to retain the freshness and express mail them to him along with a DVD of a few very detailed solo scenes he wanted me to perform.

He even sent me the toys he wanted me to perform with in the scenes, which has added to my toy collection immensely.

For his second DVD we did an old fashioned trade. He purchased my new webcam for me and I traded him two 15 minute scenes which includes one pair of dirty panties…this time a black thong.

I like doing custom orders like this because its a great way to learn about new kinks and fetishes right from the source and being able to experience them yourself, rather than just reading an article about it.

So, if anyone would like a custom DVD of something that is sexy unique or just a little kinky, feel free to shoot an email over to sequoia [at] with a very detailed description on what you’d like to see. Depending on content I usually charge $100 plus shipping per 10-15 minute scene. Once I receive payment I usually have the DVD done within a few days.

Trying Out Phone Sex…

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I leave it on all night. So give me a ring… :-P

But the weirdest conversation by far:

Customer: When did you first have a cock?

Me: As in when I lost my virginity? 15

Customer: How old was he?

Me: He was 17

Customer: You like older men?

Me: I tend to drift in that direction…as a generalization they tend to be a bit more intelligent and I like learning new things.

Customer: Did you ever see your dad’s cock?

Me: *Pause*…Have you ever seen your dad’s cock?

Customer: I kinda let my daughter see mine the other day…

Me: Wow, you responsible parent you! How admirable!

Customer: Well I was feeling a bit naughty that day…

Me: Naughty? Or irresponsible and perverted?


Hey Ladies, I know this is a recession and all and yeah I could have gone along with his gross daddy/daughter fantasy to make a quick buck, but I feel like as sex workers we have a certain responsibility to encourage at least a somewhat healthy idea of sexuality, incestual fantasies is not one of them.

Pretty Pictures

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Hey I know things have been kind of grumpy around here lately and I promise I’ll be writing about something cheerful soon. In the meantime here are some photos taken by Edwin Cardona in Treetops Park a couple weeks ago.

yay, pussy makes it all better.

Looking for Land

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Riding My Bike

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riding my bike around the camp

I am 21 years old and I don’t have a driver’s license.

I chose not to get one when I was 15 because I had a “plan” and I didn’t want to contribute to air pollution. Back then it was just air pollution we were concerned about and the big term of global warming wasn’t thrown around as much (though perhaps it should have been).

My plan was to ride public transportation, ride a bike, walk or any other form of non-polluting action that got you from one place to the next.

But, as anyone will tell you thats ridden the South Florida public transportation system, whether that be the bus or tri-rail and especially in Broward County, its definitely not a reliable form of transport and/or not a very pleasant one.

So, I got a bike around 17 and I rode everywhere I needed to go.

What I can say about both public transport and bike riding is this: you see more.

You see people you would have never ever seen before and sit next to them on the bus: homeless vagrants that end up pissing themselves and everyone has to get off, people that have dreadlocks without trying, black ladies dressed in the finest of church clothes talking to Lincoln, white ladies with tons of plastic bags that hold all of their life’s possessions, old guys that live in their motorized wheelchairs decked out with windmills and American flags…

You smell things when you’re on a bike that would have been normally filtered out through your car’s A/C unit; the acrid stench of a passing garbage truck, the sweet smell of jasmine growing in someone’s garden…

Once you step outside the box of traveling by air conditioned, protected vehicle, you’re exposed. Exposed more to the nitty gritty of life, the street level perception of things. Life in real time.

Public transportation is not for the impatient neither is bike riding. Maybe thats what I value most about it. Traveling in real time. Everyday is a journey, you always see something new, and sometimes even make friends along the way.

I wish more people rode their bike and took the bus once in a while down here. It can be a real eye opener to see where you really live, from the perspective of the street. I think you should have to ride a bicycle and public transport to earn your way to getting a vehicle. See where you really live rather than just skimming over it or zooming by it.

At this point in my life, I’m ready for an upgrade. I want a VW microbus or camper van. Something that can double as a sleeping place in times of need or travel. I’d convert it to bio diesel.

But I’d never give up bike riding. There’s something about traveling to a place with the wind in your hair, heart pumping blood to the rest of your body and moving at the speed of you.

Not just pressing a gas pedal and going but moving with the power of your own body.


Try it out.

New Moon Treasure Map and My Dream Living Situation

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Happy New Moon/Dark Moon everybody.

As new moon begins to take shape and starts waxing, now is a good time to focus and meditate upon the elements that you’d like to draw into your life. These next couple days I’m going to be working on what I call a treasure map. A treasure map is a term I use for poster boards I make where I paste my photography, magazine pictures and relevant words that correspond with what I’m trying to manifest in my life at the time.

I’ve made a lot of treasure maps in the past, its a form of magick that works really well for me as does journaling magick (when I have the discipline to keep up with it). I made my first treasure map when I was 14 (way before the Secret and What the Bleep frenzy) about going to school in Scotland. Everyday I looked at that poster and thought about how much I wanted it. I did go to school there, for a year, it was awesome, still one of the best and most influential years of my life. The next one I made when I was 17, it was about traveling, I put the word Nomad at the top and pasted a bunch of pictures about traveling all over the poster and nomadic animals like birds and sea turtles, one was of Australia actually. The next few years I traveled in three different states and to Australia. Now whether you believe in manifesting your own destiny or not, its still a good meditative exercise to stay focused on what positive elements you’re trying to bring into your life.

This time I’m working on what is essentially my ideal living situation. Right now my boyfriend and I are living in a nudist colony. This is closer to where we want to be in the social openness and comfort level of the natural naked body. So far its been a huge step forward.

Consider this blog a sort of virtual treasure map.

Now I want mountains, beautiful women and men that are open minded when it comes to sex, polyamory and sex work and an ecovillage thats self sustainable with a huge organic garden and ducks and chickens and goats.

solar panel at Moora MooraWhen I was WWOOFing at the Moora Moora community in Australia I loved the location and the fact that it was completely run off of solar panels. At Moora Moora they employed a great many environmental practices such as composting, strawbale insulation, organic farming, solar power, and rainwater collection. It was a great location as far as landscape goes to, 600 acres on a moutaintop which gave them the access to the sun whilst also providing a temperate climate. All of the houses were owner built which gave each house a very unique look. This was my favorite and is my dreeaaaaam house!

Karingal, Moora Moora Community

I love the fact that its round instead of square. The inside was beautiful and open with a loft where they slept.

Karingal, Moor Moora Community

Anyways, this is the kind of house and overall environment I want to live in.

I think that my boyfriend and I have a lot to offer when it comes to intentional communities and alternative living. He has been a  Native American/Celtic shaman for over forty years and specializes in geomancy (which is like feng shui for the Earth) and programming sacred structures, check out some of his geomancy work here.

I think my work in the sex industry and especially dancing has given me alot of insight into the way people work, especially in dancing you’re seeing some people at their most vulnerable time and its your job to hold their hand while they explore themselves in a way that they usually may never get a chance to.

I would like to live in a place that could be an ecofriendly sex/naturist retreat. Imagine a retreat where people go to shed the layers of programming about their body and sexuality in general while learning how to better care for their health and the environment through organics and sustainable living? Imagine a place that brought back the concept of the sacred harlot and sexual surrogate in its truest form, not the misogynistic/patriarchal version we receive today.

Thats what I want.

Tonight I’ll be working on making my physical treasure map and will post pictures for all to see.

Peace, Love & Pussy,


My First Week Living in a Nudist Colony

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A week has already gone by since I’ve moved here.

Here are some important facts:

Nudists do everything naked and I mean EVERYTHING!

Nudists love volleyball (who knows why) at least here they play it in a pool.

You’re not allowed to point and laugh (says so in the official rules).

These people LOVE karaoke! You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a 70 year old naked French Canadian man singing a rousing version of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York.

This particular camp has been around for thirty years.

Back in the day this used to be the official site for the Florida Pagan Gathering (take that you poser pagan prudes!)

I promise to post more facts and pictures too. They’ve been a bit hard to take lately because although they are nudists, they like their privacy, go figure.

Broadcasting Live from …

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Watch me broadcasting live at from my new place…

Just Cuz

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In honor of the park (read previous post), these photos were taken over a year ago and they’re actually they’re the pictures I submitted to to see if I could model for them. Enjoy…

(I was shaved because I was a dancer at the time)


my favorite pic ^

At Hugh Taylor Birch State Park


Classic pose, I love that tree ^
Me at the Park

piece of hair stuck to my forehead, grrrr


my butt