Job offers, fan mail, comments, questions, gifts, and any other queries please direct to:

[email protected]

13762 W. S.R. 84
Suite 462
Davie, FL 33325

ps. If you’re writing hate mail have the courage to direct your oh so intelligent criticisms to my blog comments so that everyone can see and we can properly debate it out. If you can’t follow directions and proceed to send me hate email, I’ll post it on my blog, along with your email address and any other information I can find out about you.

3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. g murphy Says:

    i stumbled upon you via fleshbot my favorite porn blog.

    WOW! i have spent the last 2.5 hours reading your blog and viewing your pics and video. i have work to do, i cannot seem to close your page. the free view of masturbation impossible was unbelievable thanks so much.

    i shoot for a living here in CT, i’m wishing you lived closer so i could prove that i would capture a better image, of you, than you can.

    a big fan here in CT, look forward to your website.


    ps would love to hear back!

  2. Chakett_76 Says:

    Sequoia,loved your tickle video with Evan of SilverCherry. ARe you really that ticklish? Did he get your feet as well?

  3. peter and jen Says:

    add another set of fans! just found this blog - amazing!

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