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Making My Beautiful Agony…

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One of the first websites I worked for when I was in Australia was

Concept-wise I think its a masterpiece. What better part of the body to focus on during orgasm than the most expressive part, the face?

I have to admit that when I thought about making my “agony” I was a bit nervous about how silly my face might look. When I was in mainstream porn, my orgasms were usually always fakes, so there was the safety net of acting and making a “pretty” face when you’re “climaxing”. One thing I decided on my venture to Australia was to always have a real orgasm during any shoot I would do and making my agony would be no different.

I arrived at the office looking a bit goofy, a knee lenght red skirt and sneakers, one thing I didn’t take into account when visiting Melbourne for the first time, was the odd weather they seem to experience there. When one thinks about Australia, they usually picture sunkissed, freckled blondes (well, Americans anyways) but that is definitely not the case with Melbourne.

Anyways, I was driven to a house where Gala was and she set up a camera for me in the hallway of a super retro house where I could hear all of the lovely birds outside. She left me alone, laying on the floor with the camera on a tripod pointed at my face. I decided to take off my top and bottoms because I like cumming naked. I took a couple deep breaths and went for it…

Afterwards we filmed my confession, which is the post-orgasmic interview on BeautifulAgony and this is the part I like watching the most now. I talked about my ideas of sexuality as spirituality, mainstream porn and other things.

If you haven’t already seen it, you should join and watch me and other random faces experiencing the beautiful agony of an orgasm…

The End.

ps. If you watch the trailer on the site, I’m in it a little bit in another agony I made with four other very special ladies…watch it!

Candle_Magick continued…

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my pussy is going to eat the flame

Hello again, more candle_magick as promised.

Yesterday I did my last free shoot. No more. The photographer kept trying to feel me up in an effort to “direct” me. Lame. I’m sick of the bullshit sometimes that goes along with this. Guys have this mentality that just because you had sex on camera means that you’ll have sex with anyone at any time and that a free feel up is ok because you did porn anyways.


There was this one time when I was a dancer and I was having a bad day at work (imagine that?). Every asshole and his cousin could not figure out what the word NO meant. Yes, I know its expected, once you have a cock for some reason in this society, automatically makes you a dickhead. Anyways, I’m giving this one guy a lap dance and he keeps reaching for my crotch. I politely move his hand away, he does it again, I backhanded the motherfucker and I was wearing a huge ring at the time which hit him in the eye. Haha. Beware, I may look cute and peaceful, but I do resort to physical violence when pushed. I ended the lapdance and made him pay for both songs. In your face, biatch!