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Vintage Polaroid Photo

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Here’s me, this picture was taken using a Polaroid Model J66 with Type 47 film, which has been discontinued. If anyone can find me any more film like this, that would be awesome. The whole process of making pictures with these things is really exciting to me for some reason and I love the way the pictures come out with the cute postage stamp like border. I scanned it against some black paper so you could see too. Its lovely.

I love the look of this picture and I want more film!!!!!!!!!! More film to go in my Model J66 camera, type 47, please!

oh yeah

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Someone MUST know where I can find vintage polaroid film…

Come on guys, I’ve tried Ebay, they suck.

I need film for a Polaroid J33 Land Camera, roll film 3000 speed B&W

Whoever finds some first gets a purty prize, m’kay?