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Pretty Pictures

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Hey I know things have been kind of grumpy around here lately and I promise I’ll be writing about something cheerful soon. In the meantime here are some photos taken by Edwin Cardona in Treetops Park a couple weeks ago.

yay, pussy makes it all better.

Just Cuz

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In honor of the park (read previous post), these photos were taken over a year ago and they’re actually they’re the pictures I submitted to to see if I could model for them. Enjoy…

(I was shaved because I was a dancer at the time)


my favorite pic ^

At Hugh Taylor Birch State Park


Classic pose, I love that tree ^
Me at the Park

piece of hair stuck to my forehead, grrrr


my butt

Shooting Outdoors

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There’s something that I love so much about having my photograph taken or taking my own when outside. I love natural light, I like the way it lights me up but there’s also something else. Nature makes me feel pretty and sexy for some reason, especially when the breeze is blowing in the right direction. I think when the earth is left alone to grow into all its own natural beauty, its just such a sexy work of art, it makes me feel good and I think the photographs that are taken of me outdoors reflect this.

Taken by BluePlanetShaman

- My First Solo Shoot.


Shot by Edwin Cardona

-, Sequoia: Gee_Whiz

Vintage Polaroid Photo

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Here’s me, this picture was taken using a Polaroid Model J66 with Type 47 film, which has been discontinued. If anyone can find me any more film like this, that would be awesome. The whole process of making pictures with these things is really exciting to me for some reason and I love the way the pictures come out with the cute postage stamp like border. I scanned it against some black paper so you could see too. Its lovely.

I love the look of this picture and I want more film!!!!!!!!!! More film to go in my Model J66 camera, type 47, please!

Candle Magick…

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Hi there,

Not much going on in the world of me lately. I’ve been hitting the gym alot, nude beach on the weekends, reading some Castendada and working on my prosperity magick. Also in the works: I am attempting collaboration with a local photographer to finally start my own site. Although I am not where I want to be in life right now in a lot of ways, physically, mentally and locally; sometimes you just have to buckle down and start projects when it isn’t the perfect time. So keep a look out for that.

Also, here are the results of my first attempt at the candle light ISM style shoot I was asking you guys about. ISM did write back and they want me to focus on the underwater stuff the most, so once I’ve completed that and submitted it, I will share the love.

they did turn out a bit blurry, but I love the warmth in the pictures and the shadows were fun to play with as well. so i’ve learned two things for next time: more candles, tea lights suck and so does trying to get wax out of carpet…

my furry muff

I think this one ^ was my fave…

Is that a cum fuck me look?

shadow play

another favorite, I love this view of my pussy

What do you guys think? There are more to cum…

On the prairie…kinda

Posted in MyShoots with tags Sequoia Redd on July 28, 2008 by sequoiaredd

What is that in the grass…?

Photos taken by Edwin Antonio

Nude in Nature

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Photos taken by Rick M


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If you’d like my Operation: Splash Page episode, where I sneak around a public library and ejaculate all over the floor, at a discount rate, I can send you the link to download it if you donate 6$ to my ChipIn fund at:


Posted in June 2008, Masturbation Imossible, MyShoots, Operation: Splash Page with tags female ejaculation, Masturbation Impossible, porn, Public Masturbation, pussy, Sequoia Redd, squirting, voyeur on June 17, 2008 by sequoiaredd

A new episode has premiered.

Operation: Splash Page

I designed/coded the site myself, so let that stand as an explanation for the kinks I still need to work out.

Check it out!!!

Cumming Soon…

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New Episode of Masturbation Impossible…stay tuned…

Peace, Love & Pussy,

Sequoia Redd