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Peek a Pube!

Posted in May with tags drum circles, polyamorous, polygamy, Sequoia Redd, sequoiaredd on May 31, 2008 by sequoiaredd

Yeah, bitches! Thats right! I’m finally 21!

Tonight my High Priest and I are checking out a polyamorous drum circle.

Wish me luck!

Send presents here: 13762 W. SR. 84 Suite 462
Davie, FL 33325

I want a VW micro bus thats been converted to bio-diesel and a fire poi set.

Or (even better!) contribute to my chipin fund to help me move back to NC:

Peek a pube! Some douche bag in one of those beach raker machines actually stopped to tell me that he could see my pubic hair. Like I really give a fuck.

Cumming in a suburban neighborhood near you…

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