1. Why do you call yourself “Sequoia Redd”?
A. See previous page titled Origin Of My Stage Name

2. Birthday? Astrological Signs?
A. May 31, 1987 Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo, Sagittarius Rising; Chinese: Fire Rabbit

3. What do all the words in your banner mean?
A. The words in my banner were meant to encompass a variety of terms that I have been labeled.

4. What is a sex cult and why do you want to start one?
A. A sex cult is simply that, a group of people that follow a belief system like anyone else, only mind will be sexually centered. I think that orgasms are the purpose to life and I’d like to start a group that enacted this concept in everyday life.

5. What is a hedonist and why do you call yourself that?
A. A hedonist is a convenient term that I use to describe myself sometimes because of its simply definition: someone who follows an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good.

6. What do these terms “pansexual” and “biosexual” mean and how do they relate to you?
A. Pansexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by the aesthetic attraction, romantic love, and/or sexual desire for people regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. Thats the official definition from wikipedia, I call myself pansexual because bisexual doesn’t seem to quite encompass my range of sexual orientation.
Biosexual is actually the title of one of my favorite poems written by the eco-activist La Tigresa (aka Donna Nieto). You can read her poem here. Being in nature really turns me on, I love masturbating outside having sex outside and just being nude outdoors altogether. It just feels right for me.

7. What got you into porn?
A. I have always had a fascination with the sex industry from an early age. When I was younger I fantasized about stripping. I liked the idea of turning people on and being a sexual muse. The power of a sexy woman really fascinated me. Around eighteen I saw the movie Dangerous Beauty and its been one of my favorites since then. After watching that movie I wanted to be a modern day courtesan and I suppose that being an adult actress was one way of living out that fantasy, except in a little more safer arena.
A friend of mine that had just started called me up and asked me if I’d be interested in getting involved and I decided to try it. At the time I was working as a hostess at a crappy restaurant on the beach making $450 every two weeks. My first scene was a solo scene for which I was paid 500$ for a half a days work just to masturbate on camera. So the money was obviously very motivating as well.

8. Why did you quit the “mainstream” porn scene?
I left the mainstream porn scene because I was sick of the way I was treated on set, the lame ass story lines and cromagnon porn in general. I also felt like I was being treated like a commodity and not a human being and I didn’t like the people I was working with.

9. What was it like being a stripper?
A. Pretty general question. It was fun, tax free and easy. It also kept me in great shape, I miss it, but most clubs don’t really approve of the whole “furry girl” thing and it sucks to have to hang out in a smoky club all day. When I finally get to move I have promised to buy myself a stripper’s pole for the living room, every girl should have one.
I think the thing I miss the most about it was being able to express myself through dance everyday, even if I had to wear ridiculously high heels. As well as luring the guys with my body. It was kind of like hunting.
I was lucky enough to be working in a pretty classy joint, floor length gowns were required, even though they were going to come off anyways.

10. What got you back into porn?
A. I wouldn’t really call it “back into porn” because the sites I worked for in Australia are like revolutionary porn compared to the stuff I started out working in.
The sites I had the pleasure of working with were IShotMyself.com (’Sequoia), IFeelMyself.com (’Sequoia”),
BeautifulAgony.com (#0936, watch their preview) and AbbyWinters.com (Sahara).

11. Which was your favorite site to shoot for?
A I’d probably have to say IShotMyself.com because its given me a great new hobby as well as a way of showing the world my view of my body and sexuality.

12. Any weird kinks/fetishes?
A. Orgasms. The bigger, wetter and more explosive, the better.

13. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
A. I was 13 when I lost my virginity to girls and 15 when I lost my virginity to a boy.

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Peace, Love & Pussy,

Sequoia Redd

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  1. hi
    your fantastic babe, how can i see or talk to you more

  2. sequoiaredd Says:

    My channel on justin.tv/sequoiareddtv is good for that

  3. Simon Allen Says:

    Another fine nook of your site.

    Sounds like you GAVE your virginity, rather than losing it. It is an enormous difference!

  4. well, my channel on justin.tv WAS good for that until i was banned for the upmteenth time.

    i will make a return one of these days…

  5. DivineGoddessM Says:

    I adore this site you have you are simply yummy…I have a question…

    What is red magick? I am in my beginning stages of studying paganism, shamanism, etc. However I am confused on what red magick is.

  6. KamenRiderX-Rated Says:

    I love the fact that you’re an ALL NATURAL woman. I also love your approach to sex. If was I was looking for the word “goddess” in a dictionary, I bet I’ll find your picture beside it. Have you ever thought of shooting for Hippie Goddess?

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